Cities in Acts

One of my favorite toys for procrastinating is Google Earth. One summer, when I was working **diligently** on my dissertation, I decided to plot all of the cities mentioned in Acts with descriptions of their stories and characters. Acts is full of cities and revels in the spread of Jesus’s followers’ message from city to city. You can see the result in the image above, and explore the map at my Cities in Acts Google Map.

I have color-coded the markers according to how the cities appear in Acts:

Yellow = places associated with Jesus or mentioned as places where the apostles are from.

Green = Jerusalem and Rome = starting point and ending point.

Teal = locations associated with Peter and other early apostles’ ministry.

Blue = locations associated with Paul’s ministry.

Pink = just passing through.

White = someone is from there, but narrative does not go there.

Red = the places mentioned in Paul’s boat trip to Rome.

If you see anything missing or any errors, please send me a message!

These are some of the cities that I’ll address in NT interpretation. Maps forthcoming for Paul’s letters, Revelation, and the Gospels!

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